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Build a healthy workplace

Implement best practices for handling misconduct

An easy, safe way to handle HR complaints, misconduct, and whistleblowing

Inspire confidence
Give employees the option to remain anonymous
Build trust
Help nervous employees engage with investigations
Avoid bias
Conduct transparent investigations with a paper trail

Set up your process in minutes

Create a form

Create your own custom reporting page. Employees can report incidents confidentially or anonymously.

The page is accessed by web browser or scanned QR code.

Manage cases in one place

Organize your team by tracking and assigning cases with a single source of truth.

Track case statuses, assignments, internal notes, and more.

Two-way communication

Respond to employee reports, ask clarifying questions, and provide resolutions while maintaining confidentiality or anonymity.

Become data-driven

With case management handled in one place, generating analytics and reports becomes easy.

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Confidential incident reports and correspondence
A single source of truth for tracking & managing every HR case
Easy data exports for data-driven improvement

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When should my startup implement a misconduct reporting process?