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About VoiceWorks

We started VoiceWorks based on our own experience growing a company from 0 to 50 employees. At a certain point, the informal “see something, say something” approach doesn’t cut it anymore.

Even an organization full of well-intentioned people has blind spots. As your company grows, how will your internal misconduct policies reflect your values as an organization?

We built VoiceWorks for both sides of the workforce - management and employees.

For founders and management: VoiceWorks helps you build trust by creating inclusive and psychologically safe policies.

For employees: VoiceWorks acts as the third party to ensure all the best practices around reporting and case handling are implemented (e.g. anonymity, timely updates, paper trail).

Founded in 2015, Alioth LLC provides tools for business owners to automate their workflows. We are based in San Mateo, California.

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